Thursday, May 31, 2012

All in One Chicken Potato Salad

This is a nice recipe for a picnic or a hot summer day.  

All in One Chicken Potato Salad
Serves: 4


6 medium potatoes, peeled and cut into 1-inch chunks
2 tablespoons salt
1 (10-ounce) package refrigerated cooked, sliced chicken breast
1 (10-ounce) package frozen baby peas
3 stalks celery, diced
 1 cup ranch dressing


1.     Place the potatoes and salt in a soup pot and add enough water to cover the potatoes.
2.     Bring to a boil over high heat and let boil for 5 minutes, or until the potatoes are tender; drain, rinse with cold water, drain again.
3.     Place the potatoes in a large bowl and add the chicken, peas, celery and dressing; toss well.  Serve warm, or cover and chill until ready to serve.