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Monday, June 14, 2010

Kumato Tomatoes

What in the world is a Kumato Tomato?  I had no idea what these were until we had some friends over for dinner.  They brought appetizers and dessert.  The appetizer consisted of these brown tomatoes (Kumato) with fresh mozzarella and basil on top then drizzled with olive oil!  My boys loved them.  I don't eat tomatoes so I didn't try them.  I just may break down and take a taste-test myself.  I am hearing so many good things about these unusual tomatoes. 

I did some research (naturally) and found out that they have a more authentic tomato flavor.  What does that mean, you ask?  Well, in recent years tomatoes have become tasteless, or so I hear.  These Kumatos are intense and sweet.  They have a higher level of fructose in them.  The Kumato originates from a ‘lost’ wild tomato and has been developed through ten years of cross-breeding by plant specialists at Syngenta.  They have been available in the U.K., Australia and other countries for a few years.  I only recently found them in my local Giant grocery store. 

If you check out the company's website you will find many fantastic-looking recipes.  I will be trying a few of these.  I am especially looking forward to trying the Egg and Tomato Strata and the Tomato Sauce recipe, Baked Kumatos with a Crunchy Parmesan Crust!  The list goes on... 

The color of the Kumato is unusual to say the least.  They go from brown to a greenish brown and are always edible.  The Kumato ripens from the inside so it is edible no matter what color it is.  They come in two sizes:  a regular golf-ball size (which is what I found in my grocery store) or mini Kumatos.  I haven't seen the mini ones yet. 


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