Saturday, March 28, 2009

Books, Books Books

I've already filled you in about my love of books about cooking. No, I don't mean cookbooks -- I mean those awesome and sometimes funny mysteries written by food lovers like myself. I'm especially fond of Diane Mott Davidson and I'm getting ready to read one by Joanne Fluke called The Cherry Cheesecake Murder. Diane Mott Davidson is going on a book tour and the closest she is going to be to me is somewhere in PA. I may try to get my niece to a bookstore she is coming to in Phoenix. If it is close to her house, she may do it for me. You never know.

I'm going off topic with this next one but another one of my favorite authors is a woman by the name of Maureen Meehan Aplin. Maureen is an amazing women. I have never actually met her but she is a friend of my niece. She is a sitting judge in California and she has a family but she has written five absolutely fantastic thrillers. The one I have read and loved was Pandemic Predator. I mailed it to her and she signed it for me and sent it back. She is so nice. I suggested that she have a contest on her website and give away a signed copy of one of her books. She took that idea and ran with it. She is now having a monthly contest where you can enter and win a book of your choice! Her books should be on the best seller list. They are extremely well researched and smartly written. They are not dumbed down which is probably why she isn't more widely known. Check out her website at and enter the contest that was inspired by me! Maybe if we're lucky she will make a visit to a local bookstore one of these days.

Another one of my favorite authors is Laura Lippman. She is a former reporter for the Baltimore Sun. She has written at least 15 books. Most of her books are based in and around Baltimore which makes it fun for me to read. Her latest book has just come out and she is going to be in my area at a bookstore called A Likely Story on Main Street in Sykesville. I plan to be there and get my copy of her latest signed by her. Her visit to A Likely Story is on Monday, March 30 at 6:30 pm or 7:00 pm depending on whether you believe the newspaper or her website.

Ever since I got B a signed copy of Lisa Gardner's new book at the Carroll Community College Book Fair a few weeks ago I'm getting obsessed with buying signed copies of books. Oh no!

The Creative Cook and Avid Reader