Saturday, April 19, 2008

Supper Swap Girls

It is a shame that very few people give dinner parties anymore. They seem to be passe these days. We're all too busy rushing our kids to sporting events, lessons, parties, etc. I have only one child but he is involved in several activities. D does karate, cub scouts, plays in his elementary school band and has religious ed. This keeps us all very busy. Dinner parties but a dream. When I read the article in my local newspaper about the Supper Swap Girls and their Fuss-Free Dinner Party Plan, I thought, "maybe this could work." They have a simple framework for a fun evening with friends.


1. Invite three couples over for a four-course meal.
2. Each couple is in charge of one course with wine. The host makes the main dish. Go ahead and get out that wedding china you never use, because each couple also is in charge of washing the dishes from their course.
3. Divide up the menu and email the recipes. It's a surefire win.

Click here to check out their blog for all the details. They also stress that you can't worry about whether or not your kids are asleep or your house is clean. You should just go ahead and "do it." It does sound like a great plan. Now if only we knew 3 other couples with a free Friday or Saturday night. I have a feeling we would have to plan several months in advance. It would be worth it though to give me a chance to make one of the great recipes I've assembled for a bunch of friends.

The Creative Cook