Saturday, February 14, 2009

Culinary Mysteries

Yes, I started working again. I haven't been cooking creatively this week at all. We've been eating "on the fly." Instead of sharing a recipe today, I want to discuss culinary mysteries. I took D to the bookstore today to pick up an Artemis Fowl book. He is really into reading those right now. He went down the adult mystery aisle and found a book for me. It was the paperback version of "Sweet Revenge" by Diane Mott Davidson. I completely forgot that I had already read it so I bought it for myself as a Valentine's Day present. When I got it home I realized that not only had I read it but I own the hardback version. Diane is just not writing books fast enough for me. I went to her website and it is still announcing "Sweet Revenge" as coming in August 2007! Come on now, Diane. Please update your website and let us know when the next book is coming out. I have to return the paperback version of "Sweet Revenge" so I think I'm going to try a new author. I discovered an author named Joanne Fluke who has written about 13 culinary mysteries. How did I miss that?? I will probably get one of her paperbacks with my refund for Sweet Revenge. Joanne's latest two books are called The Carrot Cake Murder and the Cream Puff Murder. Both of them sound yummy to me. Joanne has recipes in her books just like Diane Mott Davidson. I posted a recipe from one of Diane's books on this website last year. It was for Unorthodox Shepherd's Pie. I love that Shepherd's Pie. It is so much fun to ready a really good mystery and get a few excellent recipes at the same time.

Does anyone else out there read culinary mysteries? Do you have any favorite authors who write culinary themed mysteries that you would recommend?

Hopefully, I'll have a good recipe to post soon. I've found several soup recipes that look really interesting. In fact, I think soup is going to be my next theme. We'll see.

Happy reading!

The Creative Cook & Son