Friday, January 30, 2009

Olive Garden Style Chicken Gnocchi Soup - UPDATE

I made the Chicken Gnocchi Soup on Wednesday which was one of the (many) days D had off from school due to snow/ice. I didn't use whole milk, heavy cream or the chicken bouillon. Instead, I used skim milk, fat free half & half and homemade chicken broth. The soup was probably not as thick as it would have been had I used the original ingredients but I'm quite sure I reduced the amount of cholesterol and sodium by a lot. I also used quite a bit more fresh spinach than called for in the recipe. The only thing that I would do next time I make the soup is use olive oil rather than butter to cook the chicken. You could use more flour if you like your soup thicker or even use a smaller amount of cream to get the right consistency. I'm sure the soup would still be much healthier and easier on your arteries!

In my opinion, and both B and D agreed with me, the soup was yummy. B and two bowls and D declared it the best soup he had ever eaten (of course he is only 10 years old). Still, that was quite a high compliment coming from him.

Please try this soup, it is easy and scrumptious. If you take out the heavy cream and whole milk, it is somewhat healthy, too! Especially, if you increase the spinach, carrots and celery.